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Virtual and Dedicated Servers in the Cloud

Cloud Servers – Shared and Dedicated

OneSecure Technology offers support and expertise in moving to a Cloud Server(s) that is secure and dependable environment in which to deploy quickly and cost-effectively.  Add thousands of virtual machines in minutes. With cloud computing, you can avoid sitting on unneeded capital resources or contending with limited capacity.  Scale up and down, leveraging reliable services and multiple fault-tolerant availability zones for a highly available architecture.  Several resources are available to help you learn more about running your environment in the cloud.  Cloud based servers can offer cost-effective pricing that helps your organization reduce its overhead and increase its focus on higher-value activities. To dive into the technical details, whitepapers will help guide you through reference architectures and best practices.

Key Feature

  • Pay Only For What You Need, With No Minimum Fee
  • Leave the Management and Support To Us
  • Scalable.  Add Virtual Machines in Minutes
  • Security and Privacy
  • Deploy Applications and Data Without Waiting for Hardware to Arrive
  • Easy & Quick Deployment
  • Encrypted Data Storage and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Customer / Technical / Compliance / Legal Support
  • Advanced Search Tools
  • Compliance Support Enables Customers to Leverage Robust Controls in Place to Maintain Security and Data Protection

OneSecure directly supports customers who develop, migrate and operate their quality-controlled IT systems.  Windows and Linux environments are both supported and available for businesses of all sizes and scale.  Provides seamless integration with existing infrastructure and features Elastic Block Store, 24/7 Monitoring, Diagnostics and Reporting, Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Load Balancing, Elastic IPs, and Database Service.

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