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Network Security

Integrated Security Solutions

Small- and medium-sized businesses need comprehensive security solutions just as much as large organizations do. Every day, your organization’s users connect to countless networks and all of their users. With the benefits of email, Web-based services, and direct transfers, the information on your private networks are put at risk of exposure. You need to guard your organization’s network perimeter from intrusion, virtualization, virus, spam, and Web content while allowing your users to have remote access and mobile devices. We help clients reduce their risks by offering solutions that protect, detect, and respond to external and internal incidents and threats.

Protect your network, desktops and corporate data with an easy to administer service that helps businesses easily manage and secure their systems. This is a comprehensive solution that includes desktop management, endpoint protection, software and OS updates, active monitoring, remote assistance, and allows you to set and enforce security policies. All from an easy to access hosted Admin console that gives you full visibility and control of your environment.

Key Feature

  • Enterprise-class protection
  • Set policies and manage reports for your Web, email, and data security
  • Protect sensitive information and intellectual property, as well as easily manage and enforce regulatory requirements
  • Advanced protection against viruses, malware infections, security breaches, spam, data loss, non-compliance and legal liability
  • Proactively monitor desktops
  • Provide remote assistance
  • Preserve bandwidth and IT resources
  • Lower IT security costs
  • Simplified Management

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