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Email Archiving

Compliance, Storage Management & E-Discovery

OneSecure Message Archiving is a solution designed to help your business meet the need of electronic message storage, protection, compliance, back-up, search, monitoring, storage management, legal discovery, and more. Our solutions work within any existing email environment, Instant Message networks, or Social Media platforms. The key concept being that we work within your existing technical infrastructure with minimal IT involvement needed and no interruption to your daily workflow. OneSecure services can be implemented in as little as one day and require no hardware, software or ongoing management.

Key Feature

  • Regulatory Compliance for SEC, FINRA, SOX, HIPAA, FRCP, etc.
  • Litigation Support / Discovery
  • Storage Management
  • Security and Privacy
  • Unlimited Storage & Retention
  • Easy & Quick Deployment
  • End User Access to Personal Archive
  • Customer / Technical / Compliance / Legal Support
  • Advanced Search Tools
  • Social Media, IM and Bloomberg Archiving

OneSecure Technology helps businesses solve IT obstacles and overcome critical business challenges. We offer a full array of leading and innovative technology solutions to meet your company’s business objectives and exceed your goals and expectations. Our goal is to become your single-source technology partner.

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