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Steps Yahoo Users Can Take

Here is what security experts say users can do to make themselves safer in the wake of the Yahoo breach. Data breaches are at an all-time high, placing your personal information—such as your name, email address or street address—at risk. If you’ve heard recent stories about data breaches in the news or have been notified directly that your personal information was fraudulently obtained, you may want to keep an eye out for any suspicious emails.
  • Change Your Password:  If you haven’t since 2014, do so now.  Also change the password recovery security questions.
  • Be On Guard:  Monitor accounts for suspicious activity, and don’t click on unfamiliar web links or download unknown attachments in email.
  • Two-Factor Authentication:  It adds a layer of security by requiring that code be sent to your mobile device before logging in to an account.
  • Close Old Accounts:  If you are no longer using an account, delete it.  “They just create more points of vulnerability,” says Brad Russell, a research analyst at Parks Associates. It might mean going through steps to recover an old password, but it’s worth it.
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